Weekly Volcano

Bacon Moon's name may conjure up the fleet of psychedelic bands that sound as if they picked their names from words in a hat (Strawberry Alarm Clock, et al.), but Bacon Moon's music is firmly planted in the lo-fi alternative rock of the early '90s.

Upon listening to Bacon Moon, after sifting through the lo-fi hums and rattles, it becomes clear that there is a good deal of humor at play. 

Bacon Moon has a quality similar to Guided by Voices. As with Robert Pollard's GBV, Bacon Moon possess a preternatural gift for pop structure, for constructing these humble little gems that stubbornly stick in your head - try as you might to shake them loose.

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This may surprise a lot of people, including the band, but there is a lot of stuff here that I like. Despite the sound being distinctly low-tech garage band, they have that feel from a golden age of rock (for me) which is the early 90s grunge era. I’m not saying that Bacon Moon sound like a grunge bad, not in the slightest, but they are definitely influenced by other bands from that period. Simple Life could be a Pavement song and Like To Try it could be taken from an IRS era R.E.M. album. It’s in Simple Life also where I think the lead singer does his best job and is the highlight of the play-list for me.

Overall it’s just hard to get a handle on Bacon Moon... maybe the band members aren’t taking themselves seriously enough. I get the impression that Nick, Jon and “db” might be just having fun. If so, kudos to them for enjoying themselves but I honestly believe that if they put their minds to it they could make a really good CD.

I think I’m going to dig out my copy of Murmur.


If you like bacon, and you like the moon, you’re going to love Bacon Moon! This band features Jon Moon (Little 2 eyes, Meringue, Cougar Melonscent) who was greasing the wheels of the indie rock megabus long before anyone ever asked if they needed grease. Such a beautiful, dirty dirty moon. Don’t know the other guys, but i like the Brian Ferry esque vocal layers provided by the bacon side. They have music for streaming and are showing their faces on June 21st in Olympia.